So your KOM got sniped...
  Check out the rolling time gap so you can get it back

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        A Strava Segment

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Race Shape shows how a gap changes between two riders using a Strava or Ride with GPS segment for reference.
Because when you lose by a few seconds, you want to know where it happened.
We use the location data to find an alignment. Then time is compared at each location along the route.

Straight from the source
All the regular segment details so you know what you're looking at.
Reference or Baseline
Someone has to be the standard that others are compared to. You can select any ride to be the baseline.
Segment screenshot
Map Where You're At
Check the map to see where riders are relative to each other.
Rolling Time Gap
See how the time gap changed during the segment. It's as if both riders were there at the same time.
The Leaderboard
Select any or all of the top rides.