= Especially interesting races

Strava does a great job with segments and individual laps. Here we take it up a notch to look at whole races and how exactly they were won.

Day Date Distance Elevation Gain Title Elevation Profile
Sat08/25/2012101.4 mi9125 ftUSA Pro Cycling Challenge - Stage 6 - Golden to BoulderElevation Profile
Sun08/12/201276.4 mi6383 ftTour of Utah, Stage 6, Park City to Park CityElevation Profile
Fri08/10/2012133.6 mi3670 ftTour of Utah, Stage 4Elevation Profile
Wed08/08/201213.1 mi79 ftTour of Utah, Team Time TrialElevation Profile
Thu07/19/201216.3 mi112 ftCascade Crooked River TTElevation Profile
Wed06/27/201283.3 mi587 ftTour of America's Dairyland, Day 7Elevation Profile
Mon06/25/201278.5 mi3129 ftTour of America's Dairyland, Day 5Elevation Profile
Sun06/03/2012123.1 mi2526 ftPhiladelphia InternationalElevation Profile
Mon05/28/2012110.4 mi5651 ftUS Pro Road NationalsElevation Profile
Sat05/26/201220 mi230 ftUS Pro Time TrialElevation Profile
Sat05/19/201277.2 mi10988 ftTour of California, Stage 7Elevation Profile
Wed05/16/2012129.6 mi9578 ftTour of California, Stage 4Elevation Profile
Tue05/15/2012115.3 mi6829 ftTour of California, Stage 3Elevation Profile
Mon05/14/2012114.4 mi7570 ftTour of California, Stage 2Elevation Profile
Sun05/13/2012116.1 mi6206 ftTour of California, Stage 1Elevation Profile
Sun05/06/2012102.7 mi8246 ftGila, Stage 5, The MonsterElevation Profile
Fri05/04/201215.8 mi1050 ftGila, Stage 3, Time TrialElevation Profile
Thu05/03/201279 mi4841 ftGila, Stage 2, Inner LoopElevation Profile
Wed05/02/201292.2 mi4385 ftGila, Stage 1, MogollonElevation Profile
Sun03/25/201290.8 mi6055 ftRedlands, SunsetElevation Profile
Fri03/23/2012119.5 mi5848 ftRedlands, Beaumont RRElevation Profile
Thu03/22/20123.1 mi718 ftRedlands, PrologueElevation Profile
Fri03/16/20123.8 mi1086 ftSan Dimas, Stage 1, TTElevation Profile
Sun08/28/201170.4 mi2663 ftColorado, Stage 6, Golden to DenverElevation Profile
Sat08/27/2011109.1 mi6924 ftColorado, Stage 5, BreckenridgeElevation Profile
Fri08/26/201185.5 mi4057 ftColorado, Stage 4, SteamboatElevation Profile
Thu08/25/20119.9 mi1417 ftColorado, Vail TTElevation Profile
Wed08/24/2011130.5 mi9040 ftColorado, Stage 2 to AspenElevation Profile
Tue08/23/2011102.3 mi6888 ftColorado, Stage 1 to Mt. Crested ButteElevation Profile
Mon08/22/20115.1 mi43 ftColorado, PrologueElevation Profile
Sun08/14/2011106.8 mi9545 ftTour of Utah, Stage 5, SnowbirdElevation Profile
Sat08/13/201180.2 mi5238 ftTour of Utah, Stage 4, Circuit RaceElevation Profile
Fri08/12/20119.1 mi115 ftTour of Utah, Stage 3, Time TrialElevation Profile
Thu08/11/2011100.3 mi1847 ftTour of Utah, Stage 2Elevation Profile
Wed08/10/2011114.1 mi7301 ftTour of Utah, Stage 1Elevation Profile
Tue08/09/20111.4 mi367 ftTour of Utah, PrologueElevation Profile
Sun07/31/201135.3 mi0 ftTour de NezElevation Profile
Sun07/24/201182.5 mi3654 ftCascade, Stage 5, Awbrey ButteElevation Profile
Fri07/22/201183.2 mi5268 ftCascade, Stage 3, Cascade Lakes RRElevation Profile
Thu07/21/201114 mi902 ftCascade, Stage 2, Skyliners TTElevation Profile
Wed07/20/201173.3 mi6160 ftCascade, Stage 1, McKenzie PassElevation Profile
Tue07/19/20111.9 mi0 ftCascade, PrologueElevation Profile
Sat07/16/201169.3 mi9633 ftTushar CrusherElevation Profile
Sat06/25/2011102.7 mi3857 ftU23 Nationals Road RaceElevation Profile
Thu06/23/201118.2 mi298 ftU23 Nationals Time TrialElevation Profile
Sun06/19/201134 mi2719 ftNevada City ClassicElevation Profile
Mon05/30/2011112 mi5684 ftUS Pro Road NationalsElevation Profile
Sun05/22/201183.1 mi3018 ftTour of California, Stage 8Elevation Profile
Sat05/21/201178 mi10837 ftTour of California, Mt. BaldyElevation Profile
Fri05/20/201114.9 mi686 ftTour of California, Solvang TTElevation Profile
Thu05/19/2011135.3 mi8154 ftTour of California, Stage 5Elevation Profile
Wed05/18/201184 mi7852 ftTour of California, Stage 4Elevation Profile
Tue05/17/2011126 mi2532 ftTour of California, Stage 3Elevation Profile
Mon05/16/201176.2 mi945 ftTour of California, Stage 2Elevation Profile
Sat05/07/2011103.7 mi4507 ftJoe Martin, Stage 3, Road RaceElevation Profile
Fri05/06/2011109.1 mi4694 ftJoe Martin, Stage 2, Road RaceElevation Profile
Thu05/05/20112.5 mi676 ftJoe Martin, Stage 1, Time TrialElevation Profile
Sun05/01/2011104.4 mi8413 ftGila, Stage 5, Gila MonsterElevation Profile
Fri04/29/201116.3 mi1063 ftGila, Stage 3, Time TrialElevation Profile
Thu04/28/201179.3 mi4851 ftGila, Stage 2, Inner LoopElevation Profile
Wed04/27/201194.1 mi4756 ftGila, Stage 1, MogollonElevation Profile
Sun04/17/201150.8 mi3313 ftSea Otter, Circuit RaceElevation Profile
Sat04/16/20117.6 mi390 ftSea Otter, Time TrialElevation Profile
Fri04/15/201164.8 mi4067 ftSea Otter, Road RaceElevation Profile
Sun04/03/201190.9 mi6048 ftRedlands, SunsetElevation Profile
Fri04/01/2011118.4 mi5842 ftRedlands, Beaumont RRElevation Profile
Thu03/31/20113.1 mi613 ftRedlands, PrologueElevation Profile
Sat03/26/201185.4 mi148 ftSan Dimas, Road RaceElevation Profile
Fri03/25/20113.7 mi1040 ftSan Dimas, Hill Climb TTElevation Profile
Sun03/06/2011113.8 mi1489 ftMerco, Stage 4, Road RaceElevation Profile
Thu03/03/201181.5 mi5382 ftMerco, Stage 1, Road RaceElevation Profile
Sun09/19/2010114 mi5714 ftUS Pro National ChampionshipsElevation Profile
Sat09/11/201081.8 mi3247 ftUnivest Grand PrixElevation Profile
Sun08/22/2010100.4 mi9489 ftUtah, Stage 5, SnowbirdElevation Profile
Fri08/20/20109.4 mi105 ftUtah, Stage 3, Time TrialElevation Profile
Thu08/19/201013.6 mi3582 ftUtah, Stage 2, Mt. NeboElevation Profile
Thu07/22/201015.1 mi902 ftCascade, Stage 2, Time TrialElevation Profile
Sun05/23/201087.5 mi6006 ftTour of Cali, Stage 8Elevation Profile
Fri05/21/2010141 mi16079 ftTour of Cali, Stage 6Elevation Profile
Thu05/20/2010121.3 mi6002 ftTour of Cali, Stage 5Elevation Profile
Wed05/19/2010123.6 mi6009 ftTour of Cali, Stage 4Elevation Profile
Tue05/18/2010113.1 mi8840 ftTour of Cali, Stage 3Elevation Profile
Mon05/17/2010111.9 mi6524 ftTour of Cali, Stage 2Elevation Profile
Sun05/16/2010104.6 mi4710 ftTour of Cali, Stage 1Elevation Profile
Sun05/02/2010102.1 mi8433 ftGila, The MonsterElevation Profile
Fri04/30/201016.3 mi1102 ftGila, Stage 3, Time TrialElevation Profile
Wed04/28/201094.9 mi4792 ftGila, Stage 1, MogollonElevation Profile
Fri04/16/201068.4 mi4067 ftSea Otter Road RaceElevation Profile
Sun03/28/201091.7 mi6032 ftRedlands, Sunset LoopElevation Profile
Thu03/25/20103.1 mi626 ftRedlands, PrologueElevation Profile
Fri03/12/201010.3 mi1446 ftMadera, Ben Hur Time TrialElevation Profile
Sun03/07/2010116.6 mi1453 ftMerco Foothills Road RaceElevation Profile
Sat02/27/201075.2 mi1161 ftSnelling Road RaceElevation Profile
Thu07/09/2009112.6 mi9561 ftTour de France, Stage 6Elevation Profile